Dallas…The Great Britain team defeated the United States for the annual 31st Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy match: 7-4. The event was held at the West Hants Club in Bournemouth, England from
September 30 – October 2, 2004.

The Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy is an annual competition between the United States and Great Britain for Ladies 18 & under. Five players play a total of eleven matches over three days. The United States leads the competition in victories 19-11.

The United States team members were sponsored by the USTA (United States Tennis Association). The members were Jessica Nguyen (Chatsworth, CA), Sarah Fansler (Laguna Niguel, CA), Lauren Albanese (Coral Springs, FL), Catherine Newman (Greensboro, NC) and Eleanor Peters (Washington DC). The captain of the team was Lori McNeil, former WTA Tour player.

The members of the British team were Hannah Grady, Katie O’Brien, Holly Bagshaw, Natasha Khan and Julia Bone. The captain of the team was Nick Brown, former ATP Tour player.

Brenda Brinker Bottum, daughter of the late Maureen Connolly presented the beautiful silver cup to the British team. Alan Schwartz, president of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Charles Trippe, president of the Lawn Tennis Association attended the event.

Smacker’s (a Bonne Bell product) was the “Official Lip Balm and Cosmetics” and the LBH Group, Ltd. was the “Official Clothing” of the U.S. Team. (LBH is the manufacturer of Lily’s of Beverly Hills worldwide and of Wimbledon tennis apparel in the U.S. and Canada.) The Coral Beach & Tennis Club in Bermuda is also a sponsor of the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation and will be the host of the 2005 Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy next year
(September 29 – October 1.)

This is one of the many events sponsored by the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation to further junior tennis development.