50th Anniversary Video Montage
1953-2003 In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Maureen Connolly's Grand Slam win
Jennifer Spell
Jennifer Spell (on the right) is an independent filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York who has recently completed a new documentary film celebrating the 50th anniversary of Maureen Connolly's Grand Slam win in 1953. Jennifer compiled over 30 hours of interviews. She started out in San Francisco interviewing Maureen's youngest daughter, Brenda.. Jennifer then traveled to San Diego to spend time in Maureen's hometown, filming and visiting the public courts where Maureen learned to play. She filmed her childhood home on Idaho Street, the Balboa Tennis Club and interview former neighbor/friend/tennis partner, Ben Press and many other long-time tennis friends.
Also, while in San Diego, Jennifer filmed and talked to the young future stars at the "Little Mo" West Regionals at the Barnes Tennis Center. From San Diego, Jennifer traveled to Dallas to interview Maureen's oldest daughter, Cindy Brinker Simmons, MCB President, Norman Brinker (Maureen's husband); Nancy Jeffett, Chairman Emeritus of the MCB Tennis Foundation, Brenda Brinker Bottom (Maureen's daughter),  and Carol Weyman, MCB Executive Vice President.  Jennifer compiled her interviews with Glynnis O'Connor and Billie Jean King after returning to New York. Glynnis O'Connor, who played Maureen in the original television movie, is the narrator of the documentary. Steve Flink with Tennis Week Magazine wrote a feature article on Maureen's 50th anniversary (see link below). The film documentary, "Unforgettable", The Little Mo Connolly Story premiered on April 25 in Dallas, Texas at the USA Film Festival and also on May 8 in San Diego, California at the Natural History Museum. Proceeds from both premieres benefited Wipe Out Kids Cancer and the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation. 
To order a copy of the film, please send a check to MCB for $45.  Mail to:  MCB Tennis Foundation, 6310 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 275, Dallas, TX  75209.   Excerpts from the video can be seen below.