Congratulations to Akasha Urhobo and Yubel Ubri for winning the 2016 Little Mo Slam and taking home the 6 foot trophy


“Little Mo” Internationals

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

A special congratulations to Akasha Urhobo from Lauderhill, Florida (Girls 9) and Yubel Ubri from Miami Beach, Florida (Boys 9) for winning all three “Little Mo” Internationals which comprised the 2016 “Little Mo” Slam: California, New York, and Florida. Both players will be taking home the tallest trophy given in junior tennis - 6 feet tall! There are now six “Little Mo” players who have accomplished this great achievement in the past four years. The Ultimate Kid’s Challenge begins at the “Little Mo” Internationals in California at the Woodbridge Tennis Club from June 30-July 4. To register for the 1st leg of the 2017 “Little Mo” Slam, please visit the tournament homepage: Who will it be in 2017?


“Little Mo” Internationals in California (Woodbridge Tennis Club – Irvine): June 30-July 4, 2017

“Little Mo” Internationals in New York (The West Side Tennis Club – Forest Hills): August 21-26, 2017

“Little Mo” Internationals in Florida (PGA National Resort & Spa – Palm Beach Gardens): December 1-6, 2017


“Little Mo” Slam Winners to date:

Nishesh Basavareddy - Carmel, Indiana (2013)

Alexandra Eala - Makati City, Philippines (2013)

Andrew Salu - San Diego, California (2014)

Maria Drobotova - Boca Raton, Florida (2014)

Akasha Urhobo – Lauderhill, Florida (2016)

Yubel Ubri – Miami Beach, Florida (2016)