Top four girls from Little Mo succeed as the same top four at USTA Girls 12's national hardcourts

Drawsheet USTA 12 Girls National Hardcourts

Drawsheet "Little Mo" Girls 9 - 2008

Hi Carol!  Hope all is well!  Thought you'd enjoy something interesting from the recent g12s national hard court championships in alpharetta, ga.  The semi final match-ups this past week were exactly the same from the " Little Mo" Girls'  9 nationals three years ago!  It ended differently this time, but all four girls are still great friends and had great tournaments.  I attached the photo and the draws from the  "Little Mo"  9s. 
Photo (left to right) -- Catherine Bellis (1st place), Michaela Gordon (2nd place), Riley McQuaid (3rd place), Ryan Peus (4th place)!
Final Four of USTA Girls 12 National Hardcouts - 2011

Riley and Ryan knew each other before  "Little Mo" from their SoCal section.  Cici knew Ryan before "Little Mo"  from one tournament.  But, Cici, Riley and Michaela all met at the "Little Mo" Girls' 8s.  Riley and Ryan practice together in SoCal and Cici and Michaela practice together in Nor Cal!  Michaela moved to NorCal  after the  "Little Mo"  9s.
Alll four girls enjoy seeing each other at tournaments throughout the year,  and Cici and Ryan are in Canada together now for an international tournament with the USTA.  I'm sure the girls will be lifelong friends.
xo lori