Sharing a popsicle

Thank you so much for yet another outstanding experience at Little Mo this year. For our son, Little Mo has provided him the opportunity for growth as a person and a player, and we appreciate the efforts of the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation to provide young children the opportunity to learn and grow through tennis. To that end, I wanted to share a story with you about Grayson’s experience last weekend.

Grayson has participated in Little Mo twice, first at the sectionals in Feb. and then regionals in the 8 and unders last weekend. Both times he has walked away with valuable life lessons. In addition to what he learned on the tennis court, he has made new friends in players he would not likely encounter for another two or three years. At regionals last weekend, Grayson was facing the number one seed, Prince G. in the quarterfinals. After the first couple of changeovers, my husband and I realized the changeovers were taking a bit longer each time. The boys were having an engaging conversation that just kept expanding! Once the match was over, the boys came off together, still chatting away like they had known each other forever. Shortly thereafter, Grayson came up and asked for popsicle money and I handed him a dollar. He took a few steps, turned around and said “Can I have another dollar so I can get my new friend one, too?” The two boys sat, leaning against one of the tennis light posts, eating popsicles, just chatting away. They were inseparable the rest of the day.

Grayson has several stories like that, in just two visits to Little Mo. We are looking forward to being able to add to our collection next year! He’s already asking when he gets to see his “Little Mo friends” again.

Thank you for providing such an important opportunity for young children.

Lisa Sullivan