He practiced and worked furiously to get ready

I am writing to you about my son Danny Coran and the Little Mo Nationals in Austin in October. My daughter Aly went last year and had a great experience and since that time it has been my sons goal to make it to the nationals this year. Although the sectional was at an inconvenient time, Danny convinced me to take him to Homewood to play. Of course, as usual, his sister qualified and he did not. He was given a chance because a spot opened and he was asked to the regional tournament. He decided the same was not going to happen, and he practiced and worked furiously to get ready for the regional tournament. At the regional tournament he played unbelievably well for him, and he won the consolation by beating both the 2nd and 3rd seeded players in very close matches. The match he lost in the main draw was also a great match. I was thrilled by how well he played–better than I had ever seen before. It was the first time he set a goal for himself and worked to achieve it–almost. His sister-Aly- did qualify for the national and we are planning to go.

Danny is first alternate for the nationals, and asks me every day whether there is a spot for him. I promised that I would try to get in touch with you to inquire on his chances. If there is any way he could come to play in the 9 and under nationals with his sister, it would be great. It really would be a thrill.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Judy Coran