The “Little Mo” experience

I just wanted to thank you so much for the “Little Mo” experience. We talk about it to a lot of parents that have younger kids starting to get in tennis and highly recommend this tournament. Alexandra (Alex) started playing in the 8’s and this is her 3rd year. She has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to compete in Nationals every year. It’s certainly an expense to travel, but so worth it. The experience is amazing and wonderful for both the kids and as parents. The Opening Ceremony is wonderful, and inspiring. The tradition of giving gifts to your opponents before the first match is thoughtful and my daughters really enjoy doing this (they do so in both the Sectionals and Regionals and love the shopping for the gifts!) Madison (now 8) has been so excited to compete in Little Mo and now has the opportunity as well. Thank you for all the work you and the folks in your organization do to make this such a great event!

Irene, Lindsay, Alexandra and Madison Bourguignon